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Supporting Youth in Our Community

We, at Preferred Towing, believe that we have a social responsibility to support our community, in particular, the youth in our community in need of safe, affordable housing. We have purchased the building above to create supportive housing for homeless youth in our community.

It has been a journey to renovate this old day care but once it is completed it will hold 7 self-contained apartment units – 3 of which are one bedroom units and 4 of which are two bedroom units. The complex will be able to house up to 11 youth between the ages of 16-24 who are experiencing homelessness.

These youth will live independently with support from a housing support worker who will assist them in navigating daily living.

This is a not-for profit project. We accept donations to help sustain this project.
Please contact the office at (519) 344-7277 or by email at office@preferredtowing.com